Make Money Writing

Total truth press is all about how to make money with your writing skills.

Develop and hone your writing abilities so that you can be prepared for the boom that’s coming on the internet.  There soon will be an economic boom that will make the 90’s look like a recession and you will be poised at the edge to take advantage if you have developed your internet marketing skills.

Now people are running scared because “there are no jobs” this chicken little syndrome has caused rational thinking men and women to give up.  They have been brainwashed into believing there is not opportunity in the world.  This mass brainwashing has made everyone recoil.  They don’t spend money, and they don’t even attempt to make money on a large-scale because of this fear and the professed truth that there is no money to make.

What happens when things start getting better?  They will.  Slowly people will decide to get back to work and the job producers will produce more jobs, the banks will lend more money under reasonable circumstances. Yes interest rates will go back up which will motivate more banks to get back into the lending game.  The cash will flow and our minds will open wide.  We can think and dream again and guess what will be there for us bigger and stronger than when this depression began?  The Internet,  sure a Google Ruled Internet, but the Internet will be there none-the-less.

But you’re saying it was there before why will it being any better for us?

Technology.  The technology has made it so that anyone with a laptop computer can get on the web, build a site and start selling their products within a matter of minutes. No longer do you need a web designer with a computer engineering degree to do it for you.

What will you sell?  The easy answer is you writing abilities.  Sell what you know how to do.   There are many article directories that would be happy to post your submissions.  Get started with or Sponsored  You can make a few dollars as you hone you God-Given talents there.

Whatever you decide to do get your business on the internet.  You need to have a store front with your wares available to the world.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all of the answers you will find more than enough information to help you along the way to fulfill your dreams and goals.

The path is yours to choose.  The worst thing  you can do is to think that you can’t do it. Believe in your abilities and you will go further than you imagined.

Remember that there are onl 3 ways you can build your business.  You can create products of your own, market and sell them.  You can Market and sell the products of others through afilliate sales or you can sell yourself as an authority on a subject.  Everything else is a variation of those three.

Post, Post, Post and have a good time doing it.


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