How To Build A Brand

July 2, 2012 at 10:29 pm 1 comment

Check out this quick video. How To Build An Online Business With Substance And History

How to build a brand isn’t a question that most marketers ask because they are almost always thinking in the short-term .  Thinking how can I make a quick buck or build a website to sell to someone else?

What’s missing in the discussion is that making money online is the same as making money offline.  If you want to make a little money start a small site or brick and mortar and you will appeal to a few folks with a few dollars.  Build a brand and you will appeal to a larger audience that can identify with you and wants to buy whatever it is you are selling.

Now there are limitations to everything and even though rules were made to be broken there are rules to branding that if not followed will bring down the strongest up-and-coming brand.

One way of taking your online business to the next level is to build a brand.  Yeah that’s great but how’s it done?

Finding a niche helps.

If you can find or develop your own niche you can create opportunities to brand yourself, that is if you beat everyone else to the punch.

If you’re asking how you do it then I suggest you check out this article.  Changing the way you think about yourself and your business will help to put you on the right road to developing your own niche.

You can brand a niche, you can brand yourself, or you can brand a product or a suite of products by providing your customers with emotional reasons to do business with you.  It could be that you have elaborated upon a particularly painful time in your life where you made changes and that resonated with them.  Or it could be that you are successful and they want to have the same success feelings that you have.  A brand doesn’t have to be a pair of jeans or a certain perfume.  A brand can be an animal, a taste, or an idea, it’s anything that your customers associates to you and your business that they experience some emotion in identifying with.

Build a brand that lasts and your customers will love you for it.

Traffic Spikes Build Your Business


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