Ways To Create Your Opt in Page

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Clicking a link on an opt-in page is how you end up on a sales page of a web site or the recipient of a newsletter.  You probably thought you just decided to go there but there are guys who sit around all day thinking about ways to create an opt-in page that pulls.  An opt-in is created to do just one thing and that is to get you to opt-in, it’s a CTA or call to action and that action is to get your name on a list and your eyes looking at a sales page or video.

You’re in an online business of one sort or another and you would like to use an opt-in page to get subscribers to your newsletter but how to do it?

There are three ways to create an opt-in page.

1: A long sales page that provides the reader a detailed explanation why your product or service is something they can’t live without.  You must convince the reader that you are the expert in your field and they are lucky to have stumbled upon you in the first place while appealing to their ego and any frustrations they may have with the current path they are on.

2. A short Sales page with a very strong title that draws them in with mystery and requires that they put their email in the box to learn more.  Something like “Teenage Boy Spells One Word Wrong And Stumbles Onto A Million Dollar Untapped Market”  Click here to learn more.

3. Another way to create an opt-in page is to produce a video that does the same thing a long or short page does.  Video is very powerful but it must be compelling in a short period of time.  No one has time to read anymore even when it’s for their own good.  I find myself guilty of this.  I will scroll through a sales page and hit the highlights because I think I’ve seen it all already.  If you use video get to the point quickly and tell your viewer what you want them to do and why doing it is good for them.

Simple anatomy of an opt-in page

Header – Grabs their attention and draws the reader in so they read the next line

Sub head Keeps their attention and directs them to the body of the page.

Form CTA, Call To Action, Ask them for an email address now to learn  more about your offer or to subscribe to your newsletter or free service .

Body  More Information  about your offer and why your reader should take advantage of it.

Form Another CTA, ask for the email address again.

Testimonials  If you have testimonials use them here

Footer Follow up with a compelling reason why they shouldn’t let this the opportunity go.  Keep in mind that if your reader fails to take action now 95% will never take a second look.  This is truly your last chance to get them to take action.


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