How To Choose A Domain When It’ Only The Most Important Piece Of The Puzzle

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If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’ve only been using this domain for about 6 months now.  I chose the name towtaltruth because totaltruth was taken.  I started this blog to shine the light on the good and the bad of the online marketing world by giving you the total truth so besides telling you why I chose the name I did for my domain I’m also going to tell you about the reason I chose to host it on

WordPress is by far the most comprehensive blogging software on the market today.  It has all the bells and whistles anyone who uses it for blogging would need.  Granted if you want to be able to use some plugins and post videos to your site you must upgrade to and buy a domain and set up hosting but at any rate the software is awesome.

Choosing a domain is an important step to setting up your website.  If you are starting a site for fun or just to blog you can just call it something silly or even use your name.  But if you are serious about starting a business and using your computer and the world wide web to do it you need to choose your domain name very carefully.

Here are 5  steps to use to help you find your domain name.  Notice how that I used the word find instead of choose, it was by design because you need to understand the use of the right domain name is important.  The success of your business depends upon your ability to find a domain name that’s available and popular.

1. Google it-  I know you’ve heard this thousands of times, but Google is the top dog and if you want to know what’s being searched for these days head on over and put in your search queries.

2. Amazon-  Amazon has an awesome section where you can click on a product that’s for sale and see what else is being searched for in relation to that product.

3. Google Keyword Research- Google’s adwords also provides a tab where you can put in your keyword or keyword phrase to see how many people are searching for that particular phrase or any phrases that come close.

4. Ezine-  If you are into article marketing, and if you’re not you should be, you should write articles and submit them to  they provide you with the top 5 searched for keyword phrases, it changes as the keywords change.  Also if you join their paid service you can get up to 30.

5. Paid Sites-  Speaking of paid sites, there are hundreds of sites that will provide you with the hottest keyword phrases for your market, for a fee of course.  Check out wordtracker, and seobook just to name a few.

Choosing a domain name is closely related to the search you made when deciding what market you wanted to work in.  Take it seriously and put in the work now to repay you many times in the future.

This has been total truth hoffman thanks for reading my post, I hope it helps you to choose a crazy popular domain.  If you like what you see here please tell all your friends, subscribe to my feed and like me on facebook.


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